All good things must come to an end! Leaving Singapore comes with a to-do list, often less desired by companies relocating employees and employees alike. We offer our leaving services to make this final stage as equally productive and positive as the rest of the stay. When it comes to the cancellation of contracts/utilities, notifying immigration authorities and dealing with landlords, we lend a professional helping hand.

Cancellation of Contracts

When the time comes to leave, Easy Relocation can assist your employee(s) with the cancellation of all contracts. Our leaving services provide support in the cancelation of person car lease agreements, school registration, club memberships, property lease and we even forward mail to the next destination.

Termination of Condo Lease

As soon as a notification of departure comes in, we at Easy Relocation will start preparing an exit procedure. Easy Relocation will notify the landlord of lease termination in accordance with the lease contract. We will conduct a pre-handover, making it easy to identify potential repair work. Our maintenance team will prepare the leased property for handover back to the landlord. This has proven to be an effective way to recover rental deposits.

Termination of Utilities

Our leaving services provide assistance in the termination of gas, water, electric and television/internet.

Notifying Immigration Authorities

Easy Relation will take the necessary steps to inform MOM of your employee’s departure. We will ensure Employment passes and other passes are returned to the designated authorities.



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