At Easy Relocation our services extend beyond the moving stage. We offer an extensive array of services, which offer support during every day living in Singapore. From Settling-in to tenancy management, language training, cultural training, expense management, tax advice / declaration and much more, we offer our expert advise and service. We are proud to call ourselves Relocation experts!

Settling In

Easy Relocation provides 'settling in’ services designed to help your employees and their families transfer smoothly into their new lives in Singapore. During their crucial first few months here, Easy Relocation can help employees get orientated in their neighborhoods. We do this by introducing them to parents associations, networking groups, leisure clubs (nationality linked), business associations, and teach them how to get around using public transport, and perhaps find the best restaurants in town.

Tenancy Management

In case anything needs to be repaired in your employee’s rental apartment, we at Easy Relocation are here to deal with individual landlords, arrange for a handyman to visit or have service providers come in to repair broken appliances, ensuring your employee doesn’t have to waste valuable time.

Expense Management

Easy Relocation can take over the management of your company’s expenses in Singapore. As your 3rd party contractor we manage all suppliers and the arrangements of contracts. We can take care of invoicing and administration for you. We will provide you with 1 comprehensive monthly invoice for the duration of your contract. This streamlined invoicing system makes it more manageable and time efficient for all. Our expense management services include management of pool cars, insurances and documenting driving licenses, management of Cab charge payment, regular payment summary reporting, discrepancy reporting, year-end reporting, expense policy review and development, expense report audit and tracking and recording of invoices.

Help Desk

Unforeseeable situations will occur when living in a new country with no support structure. Our Easy Relocation telephone help desk service provides immediate assistance. Knowing that there is always someone 'on call' gives your employees true peace of mind during their stay, allowing them to keep focused on the work they came here to do.


Our in-house graphic designer can provide your company with a monthly news letter, tailored to your company’s specific needs. In addition to your company’s in-house news, we can keep your employees updated on current events happening in Singapore, Lifestyle and Entertainment news or provide them with ideas on great weekend getaways.

Medical & Dental

With over 10.000 doctors and 1500 dentists in Singapore, finding your way in the Singaporean healthcare system can be challenging. Our experienced team can advise on where to find the right health care professionals which best match the needs of your employees.

Language Training

Being in Singapore provides a unique opportunity to learn Mandarin more easily. This can be a huge business advantage and can help to establish relations both professionally and privately. Easy Relocation provides individual and classroom language training for all levels and all goals; whether it is to speak a few words of courtesy in Mandarin or gaining an official language degree.

Cultural Training

Our cultural training program focuses on both living and working in Singapore. Traditions, social etiquette, value system and culture many be different from those in your employee’s home country. Our cultural training provides your employees and their families with insights in all aspects of home-life which will help them to comfortably settle into daily life. Insights in local business habits, insight in Asian management and leadership styles, decision making etc. will equip your employee to interact effectively in the business environment.

Spouse Career Support

Spouse support includes introduction to recruiters, business associations, networking events, job portals and other valuable contacts. We help trailing spouses to “re-write” their resume to comply with local standards. Aside from paid work, we can also introduce spouses to voluntary work organizations or help find an educational programme to make the most of their time in Singapore.

Tax Declaration

Easy Relocation assists with income tax declarations. Our tax services include: Preparing and filing individual Singapore annual tax return, Preparing and filing individual tax clearance, Preparing the income tax computation of the individual tax liability payable, Verifying the tax assessment issued by the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore), Drafting and submitting the replies to IRAS queries.



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